Another successful start to the year in our Charity shop. we are truly blessed with our donors and their donations which provide us with wonderful items to enable Anne to dress the window and continue with her themes.    To date we have had gardening materials, cameras and art works, bookstand pictures, this week it is crystal and fine crafts.    We are, as always, participating in Kirn Gala raising our profile with the wonderful £1.00 boxes, planning our tartan week for Cowal Games, looking out for items for the Mod week.   Our volunteers are wonderful, regardless of the bitter winter they manage to keep warm and smile!!!   The girls who make the tablet every week deserve a big thanks too, we sell approximately 50 bags a week!!!    This week for the first time we have the Christian Aid banners around the shop window, the collection tin has had a few donations, every little helps.
Lawther Murchison