The Nominating Committee is comprised of members elected, or co-opted, from the two
linked congregations. There are 14 members in total, 9 from Kirn and Sandbank and 5 from
St. John’s. The Committee is chaired by Charles Black and Andrew Cook acts as Clerk. The
Interim Moderator also attends and is available for advice and assistance.

The Committee has approved the production of an Area Profile which is available for the use
of interested applicants for the vacant Charge. It provides background information on the
area and an indication of the present situation within the parishes, including the various
activities in the respective congregations. This document is available either through the
Presbytery web site or directly from our Area Profile.

The Profile can be downloaded by any interested member of the congregations for information.

The remit of the Committee is to attract a new minister and this is being actively pursued.
The details are listed in the Presbytery List of Vacant Charges and direct approaches are
being made to ministers who are considered likely to be intending to move from their
present charge. A list of Probationers is also received at regular intervals and an approach is
made to them for their attention and interest in the vacancy.

It is hoped that our efforts will meet with success in the not too distant future and that we
will be able to welcome a new minister in to our midst.