What a day we had together as a community!  A day of discovery, learning about the progression of Holy Week and what happened to Jesus on His journey to the cross.  We have to say that we are delighted and thankful to the full support of the Churches within Dunoon who partnered with us for this community event.  The welcome we received was incredible across all of the churches and we would personally like to thank each and every person who gave up their time to be with us at the Treasure Trail stations.

The trail started at Kirn & Sandbank Church with the triumphant entry to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday being the focus.  The young people wrote their hopes onto palm leaves symbolising the hope the people of Israel had of the Messiah.

Treasure Trail station two was found at New Life Church and was based on Peter’s Denial of Jesus.  The young people did an activity of writing a name of someone who they have denied and someone who has denied them on a stone.  They placed each stone in a vase of water with “Forgiven” or “unforgiven”. The idea of this was to show that Jesus forgave Peter even though Peter denied him.

Treasure Trail station three was in front of St John’s Church.  This station focused on the cross and the forgiveness that it represents.  People were encouraged to write down something they need to be forgiven for or something they needed to forgive someone for.  These pieces of paper where then nailed to a cross to symbolise that Jesus offered forgiveness when He was nailed to the cross.

Treasure Trail station four could be found in front of Dunoon Baptist Church. This station focused on the character of Nicodemus who was curious and interested in Jesus but not willing to stand out from the crowd, to stand up for Him, so he went with the flow of the crowd.  The question was posed to everyone who visited this station:  Are we willing to stand out from the crowd or are we wanting to blend in?  There was a display with white balloons which represented the crowd and a single red balloon representing the standing out from the crowd (being willing to be different) in the middle.  There was an opportunity to take a red or white uninflated balloon to represent what they might have done and think about why.

The final Treasure Trail station was located on the hill at the entrance to the High Kirk cemetery.  This was the perfect place to talk about the empty tomb which Mary discovered on Easter morning!  Each visitor to this station were invited to plant a sunflower seed into a pot which had the words ‘new life’, ‘new beginnings’ ‘hope’ written on it.  They were encouraged to pop a party popper to celebrate the fact that Jesus is alive and in Him we can all have new life and hope.  They were able to take the potted sunflower seeds away with them as a reminder as well as The Real Easter Egg and activity booklet.

Over 30 young people and families enjoyed this event.  We would hope to do it again next year and advertise it better so more people can take part.