(Image – Dunoon Pier by Mike138 is licensed under CC by-ND 2.0)

This has been another busy month in “Your Wee Shop” ( just a reminder that it is for the benefit of our Church and community). We received quite a few large items which I have managed to sell on the internet,as they are too big to fit into the shop and still leave space for customers!! This weeks window is quite a change for us, no fine arts! or crystal, although there are plenty of these in store. This week it is sports. SO the window has a motor cycle outfit, full leather gear and reinforced denim trousers! there is a vibro-machine for the keep fit fan!, lawn bowls in leather case! badminton racquets, and a child carrier for a bicycle … to name but a few.  Just What Anne can pull out of her sleeve waits to be seen, we are so blessed to have her display talent.   I know soon there is a children’s window planned,  with bed, bedding, toys and home knitting from members of our congregation always in demand.    Possible a luggage, handbags and travel goods.   Add to that the work Anne puts in wrapping the 200+ items for our “surprise” package stall at Kirn Gala you can certainly say we are a BUSY WEE SHOP.

Any boxes and wrapping paper will be welcome.

Thank you again for supporting our efforts and thanks to EVERYONE who mans (Woman’s) the shop.

Lawther Murchison

P.S. Visit the Shop Facebook page for more details.